Corinne Spitalier and Gabrielle Sheerer

Push/Avoid or Push - a- Void is an expression of the ongoing collaborative research between Corinne Spitalier and Gabrielle Sheerer. Birthed from a seemingly simple task of researching ‘push and avoid’ in the context of movement, we found the study of this basic action of physics could lead us to a place of deep curiosity. We began this process while training in movement and performance in Torino, Italy. The unexpected early physical separation sparked the initiative to rethink this practice. As we suddenly became unable to ‘push’ and ‘avoid’ in intimate proximity, we gave each other movements to respond to and work from to explore the same idea, as the distance between us grew exponentially, since Gabi is in Miami and Corinne is in Barcelona. Now, we are connected in the realm of the imagination. Nothing compares to the physical closeness between bodies but once you have experienced true connection and love - your imagination can be invoked to replicate these feelings. The same power of imagination to connect and feel close, is also used to feel the depth of the distance...the void...the empty space. We found this space not really empty, just wide and we hope to implore our artistry to sculpt the space in between, regardless of the scale. Our geographic limitation only exists because of our previous geographic possibilities which we are grateful for and also find as a point of curiosity.

words : Ananke by Daniele Zito
Music: things i tell you by Biosphere

Corinne Spitalier
Mexico City, 1994.

Corinne is a visual and movement artist that works between Mexico, Barcelona and Montreal, where she completed a BFA from Concordia University. During her academic studies, she had the opportunity to show her visual work across Montreal. Parallel to her visual arts studies, she has also developed a practice in contemporary dance and has had the chance to perform in Montreal, Mexico, France and Italy. She is currently in Torino completing a contemporary dance program at NOD, Torino.
Through an interdisciplinary approach - ranging from drawing to 3D sculpture, video, performance, dance, singing and writing - her research attempts to question our different perceptions of reality. Stemming from emotional and somatic self-exploration her work deals with nature, space, the body and their capacity to contain different levels of meaning, generate alternative spaces and question social structures and narratives. She is very interested in the notions of presence, ephemerality and shared experience and therefore strives to create momentary communal universes. She mainly does her investigation through collaborative practices, oneiric landscapes, the study of intimacy and delicacy and the use of organic materials.

Gabrielle Sheerer
Miami, USA 1996.

Gabi is a movement artist currently based in Miami Florida. She is interested in the power of the arts as a field of interdisciplinarity, a realm where collaborations can be formed without limitation. Gabi has a background in International Development Studies and Geography from the University of California, Los Angeles. Most recently, she was in Torino, Italy training at NOD, an international contemporary dance program. Gabi is interested in dance and performance as a form of catharsis. She is curious to understand her own porosity, using movement to try and understand her role in various ecological scales.