instructions to join us online~
make an account at
you will be prompted to enable flash in your browser which is necessary for the client to run

Once inside
open the Rooms menu near the bottom left corner and search for spa{ce}
when prompted for a password enter dream

ID: An image, square ratio, tan grey background. Two squares overlapping at their corners. Each square contains an array of text characters arranged as a tilemap of a 2d floor X's representing enpty space and numbers between 0 and 6 representing platforms of increasing height. The smaller square, 32x32 characters in width, filled with dark green characters set on a light green background and positionally weighted toward the top left corner of the image. The grid of characters form the shape of a circle, with two levels of height, 2's in the center, 0's around it's edges. Around the circle are X's. The larger square, 64x64 characters in width, cyan characters set on a purple background and positionally weighted toward the bottom right corner. It contains characters forming a pattern with a square of 0's at it's center with a path spiraling out from it, forming an askew square spiral as if by a clockwise rotation of the center platform. There are two series of rooms, emanating diagonally from the bottom left and top right corners of the center square. These rooms mirror each other imperfectly, 4 rooms on the right, 3 on the left. The grow in size as the expand outward, starting at 3x3 on the right and 4x4 on the left, increasing one tile in each dimension with each room. The path and these rooms are laid out so that they intersect at various points, near the corners of the spiral. There is also an irregular pattern of rooms toward the bottom right corner of the map, which grow before shrinking and curling in on themselves. There are two series of rooms which grow in height. One series of 4 in the upper right quadrant, consisting of 4 rectangular rooms starting at height 1 and growing by one with each room. One series of 3 in the bottom left starting at 0, adding 3 each room. In the rest of the space there are rooms which are placed without specific relation to one another. Some of these rooms are larger than rooms so far mentioned, and they are of various heights. Where the spiral path intersects with rooms higher than the base height of 0, it grows in increments of 1 to meet them. There is a border around the outside edge, mostly 3 characters wide of height 0 tiles.

Patty Lu & Otis Denner-Kenny
+room playlists by coolcalmpete