Tara Gruchalski

ID: "The Image is set as a portrait. It is a digital black and white line drawing of 2 femme presenting bodies, drawn in a comic style that is influenced by the flatness seen in Japanese and Chinese scroll paintings. Both figures are seated and semi-reclined. The figure on the left has their left knee bent, their leg behind the figure on the right. The left figure has long hair, a cross necklace, wearing a crop top and high waisted pants that has a yin yang for the closing button. They hold a sword in their left hand and the blade drapes down the center of the body, its tip touches an invisible ground. The handle of the sword has wings and two live snakes wrapped around it with a criss cross pattern for skin. The figure looks at peace and at ease with their positioning. The right before has short hair with bangs and shaved sides. They're smoking and the smoke swirls toward the top of the image while also seeping through the sides of the image. They wear a choker, crop and pants with a belt. They hold a staff with a ram's head that also has wings behind it. Both figures wear combat boots and there is a crystal beside the right figure. The text sprawled at the top in a slight arch reads, "Spin Both Wayz," is a thin, creepy font."